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C1530 - Zone Shield Clock Radio QUAD LCD -

KJB Security Products

C1530 - Zone Shield Clock Radio QUAD LCD -

$ 449.00

Hidden inside this clock radio is a camera and wireless transmitter. The receiver features USB and RCA compatibility as well as remote viewing on iOS and Android smart devices.

 Remote WirelessKJB ExclusiveSD Card


640x480 Effective Pixels

1/4" micron color image sensor

62° Field of View

NTSC Video System

Operating Temperature 22°F - 185°F

Invisible 940 nm IR's (Night Vision Models only)

Receiver and System Requirements

4 to 1 (4 cameras 1 Receiver) Connectivity

Built in DVR

Up to 64GB memory card for Local Storage

USB to PC Connection (includes ASP4 bundle software)

USB to PC Recording (ASP4 software)

Motion, Continuous, Scheduled, Panic video recording modes

Operating Temperature 32°F - 104°F

Remote Video Access (web and mobile based access)

RCA and 7" Built in LCD Display (LCD available with QUAD LCD only) Video Output

QUAD Displays up to 4 Cameras Simultaneously

Windows XP - 7 (.NET Framework 3.5 or higher), Window 8 or higher

Internet Explore 8 or higher, Google Chrome, Fire Fox

2.0 Ghz or higher(only supports x86 and x64) RAM Memory

Independent Display Card and DirectX 9.0 or Higher

Requires Dedicated PC with ASP4 Bundle Software Installed (ASP4 program must be running at all times) Remote Video Access

Video Transmitter

Transmission Distance 150 meters (Line of Sight)

Frequency 2408.625 - 2470.5 MHz

FHSS Encrypted (Frequency Hoping) signal


Receiver (with LCD screen option on QUAD LCD models)

Power Supply

Remote Control

Remote View Software

USB Cable

RCA Cable

Dimensions:7” L x 4.875” W x 2.75” H
Weight: 0lb 12oz

Zone Shield Wireless QUAD LCD can be set up in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Unpack unit and insert the CD into your PC to install the provided ASP4 software on your PC.

Step 2: Use the provided USB cable to connect the QUAD LCD receiver to your PC.

Step 3: Click on the two gears icon for the Settings screen to personalize your recording preferences and set up for remote view.

Step 4: Click the Quad View icon or Channel icons to return to the main screen.

Step 5: Plug in the Zone Shield Wireless device. The ASP4 viewing window on yor PC should now display what the camera sees.

No more IP hassles, router configurations, or port forwarding. Locate the website address on the label found on the back of your receiver, install ASP4 software on your PC, connect your receiver to your PC using the provided USB cable, and the Xtreme Life unit is ready for use.

Download ASP4 Software v2.10.5 (38Mb)

Download Xtreme Life Wireless Manual

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